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This site contains git repositories of projects run by the IT Services Group (ISG) of the Dept. of Physics of ETH Zurich.

Cloning the repositories

git clone http://git.phys.ethz.ch/$projectname.git
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Project Description Owner Last Change
adjust-clock.git Utility script to calibrate... Elmar Heeb 5 years ago
dphys-admin.git dphys-admin: Front-end for... Axel Beckert 4 years ago
dphys-procwatch.git Script to watch for runaway... Axel Beckert 16 months ago
dphys-queries.git Query scripts for the DPHYS... Elmar Heeb 5 months ago
dphys-swapfile-debian.git Debian packaging for dphys... Axel Beckert 3 years ago
hobbit-ipv6-tunnel-test.git Simple Hobbit/Xymon test which... Axel Beckert 5 years ago
mailman-push-aliases.git Git Repository for mailman... Axel Beckert 4 years ago
rails3-notebook.git Sample Rails 3 application... Elmar Heeb 6 years ago
sans.git The ISG D-PHYS clone of http... Axel Beckert 23 months ago
unburden-home-dir.git Automatically moves given... Axel Beckert 5 months ago
unburden_home_dir.git Automatically moves given... Axel Beckert 5 months ago